Illustration Friday: Sacrifice

Sacrifice Sheep Lambs

Who understands sacrifice better than mothers? Or lambs?

But No, No, No, the mom is NOT about to sacrifice the baby for the stew pot! I hope nobody thinks I meant that. It’s supposed to be a scene of motherly love and sacrifice but I guess it could look like one of those Britney Spears or Michael Jackson child-endangerment moments. But really, Mom’s not endangering her baby–she’s just trying to cook while holding it. Really, moms are always standing at stoves holding their babies on one hip. I think that’s why my hips are a little crooked. Too many years of holding tots on my hip while I cooked, vacuumed, did laundry, etc.

Ink & watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.

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About Jana Bouc

I am an artist who loves (and lives) to sketch and paint in watercolor and oils. I teach watercolor classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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23 Responses to Illustration Friday: Sacrifice

  1. Bron Smith says:

    I really like your casual, unique interpretation, and the way you put on your washes. It looks like you still work with traditional paint.

  2. The Unknown says:

    Very cute. I love it. Great stuff.

  3. Tony LaRocca says:

    Cute- but with all that wool I’d suggest standing back from the stove!

  4. Nice but creepy too….. I love the detail on the pot!

  5. lin says:

    Adorable!!!! (As I was reading, I didn’t even think of the lamb being sacrificed until you mentioned it!! LOL But then i thought of what I always say to the grands “I could eat you up!” LOL Sure puts a new picture in my m ind!! LOL

  6. lin says:

    Adorable!!!! (As I was reading, I didn’t even think of the lamb being sacrificed until you mentioned it!! LOL But then i thought of what I always say to the grands “I could eat you up!” LOL Sure puts a new picture in my m ind!! LOL But I so agree — moms are taught very early to multi-task .. babes on hips!

  7. serline says:

    Mums are busy all the time in the house. It’s definitely not an easy task. I understand that. Thanks for the sacrifice!

  8. Amy Zaleski says:

    This is great and very original. I like the softness of the watercolors and the antique looking stove. Wonderful job!

  9. TeriC says:

    Very cute Jana and so reminiscent of those ‘mothering’ days when we all multi-tasked, only we called it being a wife and mother!

  10. andrea says:

    Ha! I miss how toned my biceps used to be from years of carrying my boys around! Thanks for the smile. You totally nailed this topic.

  11. wonderful! Motherhood is a big sacrifice!

  12. georg says:

    Nice sheep-family. And yes, I know this standing at the food with one child too – and then I ask: Where is the father, the ram?

    Funny illo.

  13. Felicity says:

    Lovely illustration and right on with the commentary! I carried my two everywhere – how else would anything get done?! – and have the weak wrists rather than crooked hips to prove it!

  14. Katie says:

    Yep, my left hip is probably permanently out of whack from trying to cook while keeping the baby as far as possible away from the hot stuff.

    I love this drawing… it’s motherly, it’s homey, it’s downright cute.

  15. Nancy says:

    The picture and the text complement each other perfectly. Glad you explained that the baby wasn’t going into the stew! You made me smile.

  16. Neil Wallace says:

    This is soooo sweet. I absolutely love the softness of the lambs and the hardness of the stove. Colors are perfect. You guys kill me with your wet on wet backgrounds. They always look so awsome. When I do it it comes out looking like soup. (and not good soup)
    Also thanks for the smile with your comment. Never thought of that angle. Very funny.

  17. Tiger Mouse says:

    As a Mum, this illustration resonates with me. I never realised until I had a daughter why Mum always has to have the burnt toast, the squeaky chair etc etc! All the women in my family stand a little crooked, and we’re all convinced it started with balancing babies on our hip!

  18. What a great illustration – it reminds me of a linocut I did nearly 20 years ago of me at cooking time with two little kids- eviily hanging on to my legs and I am chopping carrots with a very large sharp knife. I’ll put it on my blog when I can get the scanner working again

  19. Taffy says:

    What a sacrifice especially knowing that she may be fattening them up only to be eaten later by humans like in a Gryo or other dish. Wonderful!!

  20. naru says:

    I totally agree with you. Wonderful idea and illustration.

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