When Being Behind Is a Good Thing

Slowing Down With a Latte and Mini-Scone at Peets

Slowing Down With a Latte and Mini-Scone at Peets

Falling behind and worrying about catching up can be stressful when it’s about work not accomplished, tasks not completed. But in the case of my blog, being behind on posting is a good thing. It just means I’ve been doing lots of painting and sketching with less time for the computer (a goal for this year).

I did the sketch above on the day I was preparing to leave for a weekend painting workshop. I reminded myself that I was officially on vacation, which allowed me to slow down enough to stop and sketch while out walking to do errands instead of rushing back home to get packed.

This sketch came in handy last week at work, when I wrote and illustrated a blog post for our literacy organization’s blog. My post’s subtitle was: “Two birds with one stone” (intentionally leaving off  “kill”). Our clever editor suggested changing it to “Feed two birds with one scone.”  So then I needed a sketch of a scone to accompany my two birds. Since I always have my sketchbook with me I was able to scan the scone sketch. You can see the result on our Reading Apprenticeship blog here.

And I will get that backlog of artwork posted soon!

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About Jana Bouc

I am an artist who loves (and lives) to sketch and paint in watercolor and oils. I teach watercolor classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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5 Responses to When Being Behind Is a Good Thing

  1. raena says:

    Nice sketch! I love the idea of ‘warming up’ for your vacation weekend!

  2. Carol C. says:

    Great blog entry! And, of course, sketch! I love your comment about how to make every day feel worth savoring…..it’s a goal of mine. When I remember, it sure adds quality to a ‘normal’ day!

  3. that’s a really nice breakfast in the picture.

  4. ambal says:

    Hi Jana, I too dislike that phrase. Followed your link and melted seeing your budgie sketch. You captured perfectly their ‘whatcha doin?’ stance. I’m a sucker for those fluffballs. Also wanted to say I admire your day job. Must be very satisfying to help people like that. Ambal

  5. Kathryn Law says:

    I love that budgie sketch too!! You really captured their personality. “scan the scone sketch”–try saying that ten times fast! These are lovely. And thank you for altering that horrible saying, your version is so much nicer.

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