Roses Requiring Reverence (or at least to be painted)

Rose Reverence, oil on Gessobord panel, 10x10"

Rose Reverence, oil on Gessobord panel, 10x10" - SOLD

My riotously rampant roses were bursting forth from their bushes so I had to put other plans aside and paint them. Their fruity scent was as intoxicating as their vibrant colors. These were two different kinds of roses, both of which change colors and shape as they open so I had to work quickly to complete this painting in one session.

I left the still life set up just in case I needed to fix anything the next morning. But of course by then they were completely different roses. And the painting was complete.

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About Jana Bouc

I am an artist who loves (and lives) to sketch and paint in watercolor and oils. I teach watercolor classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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13 Responses to Roses Requiring Reverence (or at least to be painted)

  1. Sherry says:

    Ooooh. I am jealous of your actual roses and of your painting.

    • Jana Bouc says:

      They’re always so fabulous on their first big bloom. And then the aphids take charge and they’re not quite so lovely. That’s why I feel compelled to celebrate their first big bloom–no telling what they will look like a few weeks from now. Jana

  2. cynthia says:

    These are gorgeous, and so vibrant. You really captured them well, and I , too, am jealous that you have roses blooming! Up in the cold Northwest, we barely have tulips…

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Sorry it’s still cold in Portland. It’s funny how we’re not that far apart but the weather there is just a little more extreme. Lately we switch from winter to spring to summer sometimes in the same week. The last time I was in Portland it was blistering;y hot (September wedding) several years ago. Jana

  3. Carol C. says:

    Gorgeous!! I can almost smell them!

  4. What a lovely painting! I love the color selection for the roses.

  5. Jana says:

    Something about the way you write always tickles my funny bone – “Roses Requiring Reverence” was a hoot, but then the parenthetical aside in the title just busted me up! The paintings are just the whipped cream on top of the narrative. . . love the tiny red edge around that yellow rose. Happy Easter!

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Thanks Jana, I’ve really been into things that tickle lately–seeing a painting or a sketch that tickles my brain and makes it want to squeal or jump up and down or giggle–my favorite! So I’m delighted to have tickled you too! Hope you enjoyed it! Jana

  6. Lauren says:

    Nice painting! How do you like working on gesso board?

  7. raena says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Sorry I haven’t been around as much lately; I’ve dropped in to look but haven’t had much time for commenting. I’m preparing to move from Texas back to Idaho, and truthfully, I’m so excited to be going back that art has taken a backseat to packing and organizing and preparing a house for sale! Hopefully I’ll be back in full swing soon!

  8. Wow! These roses render one inarticulate to say the least.


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