Sam: A Border Collie Dog Portrait in Oils

Sam, A Dog Portrait in Oils, Oil on Panel, 8x8"

Sam, A Dog Portrait in Oils, Oil on Panel, 8×8″

I wish I had a dog but since I don’t, at least I can paint them! This dog portrait in oil was commissioned by a woman as a gift to her father-in-law of his dog. I had to wait to share it here until I was sure the painting was in the gentleman’s hands. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Once I posted a watercolor commission in progress of a house, a gift from a wife to her husband. Their daughter was searching online for the Oakland Federal Building and it led her to my sketch of that building on my blog. From there she landed on a post about spilling my coffee on the nearly completed watercolor painting of the home. She was shocked to see it was the house she’d grown up in. She called her mother right away to tell her (not her father, fortunately).

It all worked out fine in the end but I don’t post gift paintings now until they’ve been given.

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About Jana Bouc

I am an artist who loves (and lives) to sketch and paint in watercolor and oils. I teach watercolor classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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16 Responses to Sam: A Border Collie Dog Portrait in Oils

  1. Carol C says:

    What a wonderful painting! And I love your story!!! Your posts are always so interesting!

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Thanks Carol! It’s so rewarding to know that you actually read the posts. I keep swearing to stop writing so much and then can’t help myself from telling stories! Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  2. Alex Zonis says:

    Fantastic portrait! What a face!

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Thanks so much Alex! I so appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment… with the advent of like buttons it’s a rarity! Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  3. Suzy says:

    Wow Jana, that is a beautiful painting of the dog. You have such terrific talent.

  4. Mary says:

    Well done, this is a beautiful dog portrait – love the face and wonderful fluffy fur.

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Oh! Thanks so much Mary. It’s such a delight to hear that I captured the face and fluffy fur! It’s so hard as I’m sure you know, when you’re painting it to know how it’s seen by others. Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  5. HI Jana- I just saw a photo of a painting yesterday that looked exactly like this, and there was a US postage stamp with the same image in the frame. I will forward your email to the person who has this and see how closely they resemble each other. That was like déjà vu.

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Catherine, that’s amazing. I would love to see the other painting and stamp! Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  6. Kari French says:

    Just beautiful!! WOW

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Thanks so much Kari! I really appreciate your taking time to leave a comment. And such a nice one! Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  7. Delft says:

    So cute.
    I love how you’ve captured the eyes! So tricky, and yet the key to the lovely doggy look.

  8. Rose P from Prescott Valley says:

    Beautiful portrait. Love the dog’s expression.

  9. Carol King says:

    What a beautiful dog and painting.

  10. Wendy says:

    Border collies are such fine dogs. A beautiful painting. Our family had border collie pets at one time. Not so fond of little dogs though!

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