San Francisco Sketchcrawl Part 2: Ferry Building, Ferries & Ladies Room Lines

Ferry Building Clock Tower, ink & watercolor, 7x5"

Ferry Building Clock Tower, ink & watercolor, 7×5″

While I waited for the Sketchcrawl to begin I started drawing the Ferry Building clock tower. The clocks weren’t really set for different times. It looks that way because I drew what I saw: by the time I got to the right clock it was 7 minutes later.

Sketchers Sketching on the Embarcadero

Sketchers Sketching on the Embarcadero

Next I tried to draw the sketchers on the little plaza across from the Ferry Building (above). My perspective got way wonky on the street on the right. Although there are many hills in San Francisco, this street is actually quite flat.

Marin Ferry, ink & watercolor 5x14"

Marin Ferry, ink & watercolor 5×14″

Behind the Ferry Building I watched the huge Marin ferry arrive. I knew I only had about ten minutes to draw it while passengers got off and on. I nearly finished the drawing before it headed back out so added the colors I remembered afterward.

Standing in Line for the Ferry Building Restrooms, ink & watercolor 7x5"

Standing in Line for the Ferry Building Restrooms, ink & watercolor 7×5″

I’m glad I didn’t wait until the last minute to use the restroom in the Ferry Building. There were 35 women in line for the ladies’ room and only about 3 for the men’s. Why? It was interesting drawing the women right in front of me because of the odd foreshortening I perceived looking down their backsides. Next time you’re waiting in line, try to draw the person right in front of you and you’ll see what I mean.

Later someone gave me a valuable tip I’ll share with you: there’s a little used ladies room on the second floor of the building. I wonder why the Ferry Building management doesn’t include that information in the signage directing people where to stand in line for the downstairs restrooms.


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About Jana Bouc

I am an artist who loves (and lives) to sketch and paint in watercolor and oils. I teach watercolor classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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8 Responses to San Francisco Sketchcrawl Part 2: Ferry Building, Ferries & Ladies Room Lines

  1. Mary says:

    Wonderful drawings! Used to live in San Francisco and this brings back many wonderful memories. Thoroughly enjoyed the real life scenes.

  2. Just love your sketches here Jana. And really love the waiting in line one. The ladies line is always the longest. Whatever goes on on there!!!

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Thanks Erin! I haven’t figured it out either…but then I’ve never seen what goes on in a men’s room. Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  3. Wendy says:

    Beaut sketches – here’s to lookin’ at you kid – all those sketchers! And the line to the toilet – priceless – what did they think of you drawing them? Why women need to go – well – you know – too many kids. Us oldies have to plan our trips and google maps of where the toilets are when travelling!

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Ain’t that the truth! The ladies in line didn’t seem to notice me drawing them even though I was practically squished up against them. Probably had more “urgent” things on their minds! Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  4. patgaig says:

    Enjoyed seeing the sketchcrawl through your eyes.

    • Jana Bouc says:

      Thanks Pat. More from the sketchrawl on the blog today. By the way, under your influence I bought the sketchclub app and the new trent stylus. I like the app and the stylus does seems more responsive and fine tuned than the ones I’ve previously used. Thanks for the tips! Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  5. Started off meeting at the traffic island just off the ferry building in the morning. I’ve never been to one of these events, but as soon as I got past the crowds in the Embarcadero plaza, it was pretty easy to spot where the group was gathering. Just look for the backpacks stuffed with art supplies, sketchbooks in hand, and ducked heads as those waiting wasted no time.

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